What if I cannot find a product in the market?

Let us know what you’re looking for and leave the hard work of reaching out to the supplier to us.

How does MatchABuilder give us the best prices?

Developers, contractors, professionals: We do so by doing by working directly with all suppliers of building materials who give us a better rate due to our large number of projects that are also asking for similar items. E.g. Type of walls – precast, drywall, dfMa wall, external/internal, fire rated etc.

Does MatchABuilder perform quality checks on suppliers?

Yes. We do our best to check and qualify

Does MatchABuilder perform checks on property owners?

We do our due diligence by ensuring that the contract is bona fide

Are there costs when I source for suppliers via Matchabuilder ?

The suppliers sourcing done for you is ABSOLUTELY FREE !

Are there costs when I’m also an EXPERT and accept projects from Matchabuilder’s database?

We do charge a service fee for connecting you as service provider.

What should I do after I signed up?

Email us  or send us a link with the following:

  • Bill of Materials (BQ) with the required specifications pertaining to your project including the project title, and/or tender documents. Label your filenames as such : Document name – project title.
    E.g. BQ-project_title, Tender-project_title
  • Project information e.g. what it is going to be, expected to start date.


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