Help! I can’t find a builder for my project.

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What should I do after I signed up?

Send us your project information.

1. Tell us in 3 simple steps about the renovation you’re planning so that we can obtain competitive price estimates.

2. Meet your top 3 matches to clarify project, compare proposals and select the best one.

3. Award your project
Hire your favorite team to get started on your building project, with Matchabuilder to help you throughout the process. You are in control.

Is this service free ?

This is ABSOLUTELY FREE as long as your project is at least SGD 50,000 using Matchabuilder’s team of Building Experts (who are selected after bidding for your project) and our pool of suppliers.

Is your pool of professionals and suppliers suffice to meet my needs?

With a pool consisting of thousands of professionals and suppliers, we are confident of providing you the best price you can expect for your project. And if you have any professional or supplier who is not in our database, let us know and we can assess and speak to them on your behalf.

Why must my project be at least SGD 50,000 ?

This is to ensure that Matchabuilder’s Building Experts allocate sufficient time to look through your project, understand enough to place a competitive bid, thereby giving you the best price and value.

How do I know if my project is big enough or worth at least SGD 50,000?

It should be worth the amount if the renovation is massive enough to require an architect, engineer and a builder. If you are unsure, drop us an email or chat with us to let us better understand your needs.

Do you charge your experts any fees for my project?

We charge them a token service fee.


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