What should I do after signing up?

Email us your BEST prices for your supplies and maintain or lower it for all your products for as long as possible along with your product information, specifications and company background including a credit assessment.

Why do we have to give you the best price and maintain for a long time or lower over time?

Project BQ often come in at the early stage to prepare for tender so that developers have an idea with regards to the cost of the project before opening up to bidders. Same time, bidders of projects will also need to bid based on their material costing.

Will I suffer a loss from this quote?

With projected timelines, you can now account for the expected costs of materials then and minimize losses as this project is a guaranteed project that will eventually take place and as long as you maintain or provide better pricing, you’ll get the whole deal. In addition, we will contact you again to check with you on the prices.
But, once a project and/or quote is confirmed, you’ll have to maintain the price or lower depending on the timeframe.

Will I definitely get the deal?

We can say for sure that you WILL get the deal as long as the project requirements pertaining to your supplies maintain the same and the project takes off. BUT here at MatchABuilder, we are committed to lowering your risk by having MANY, MANY projects for you to supply to as long as your products are competitive.

How can MatchABuilder lower my risk exposure?

We are committed to lowering your risk by have MANY, MANY projects for you to supply to. Same time, we do our due diligence by conducting our own credit and risk assessment on the buyers and their projects. However, in any contracts, there is always some level of risks. We can only do our best to minimize it for you.

How does MatchABuilder give you STEADY STREAM of orders + help plan inventory?

  • The Bill of Materials (BQ) obtained from PROJECTS that WILL TAKE PLACE. So whoever gets the project will order through MatchABuilder.
  • We will also give you a forecast as to when the project is expected to start and you can use this information to plan your inventory.
  • Same time, you will also know when there is higher demand for any products and be more prepared.

How does MatchABuilder help anticipate demand for my products?

  • PROJECTS listed in MatchABuilder are ACTUAL projects that WILL TAKE PLACE.
  • To ensure information symmetry, we’ll also inform you the expected period of time that your products will be required.
  • Therefore, with the information on hand, you can you will know when there is higher demand for any products and be more prepared.

WIll the project that you have definitely will take place?

The project will take place as long as the project owner continues with the project. The likelihood of the project owner ceases to continue with a project is very low due to the high costs involved. However, should it happen, we seek your kind understanding should a project gets cancelled.


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